Maya Jeans (Dark Wash) - Gigi B's Boutique
Maya Jeans (Dark Wash) - Gigi B's Boutique

Maya Jeans (Dark Wash)

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Wearing a size 5.

Fits to true size.

Stretch fit.

Roll at the bottom is adjustable.

Paired with our "Brielle Satin Lace Crop Top"

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At Gigi B's Boutique, we thrive off of style for everyone, but not just anyone. Collect your closet at Gigi B's Boutique for fashion forward items with your beauty budget in mind. Our inclusive line projects your personality in every piece of clothing. So we want to know YOU. The good you, the bad you, and the (not so) ugly you. We want to welcome you to our Familia!


I was blown away by the customer service all the way down to the quality of the clothes. I can't wait to buy more from this brand!

Madison Steffey

Talk about fast shipping and AMAZING quality. I literally couldn't believe my eyes. I'm a huge fan and everyone else should be too.

Angelie B.