About Us


My name is Gianna Mezzone and I am the owner of Gigi B’s Boutique. Fashion has always been such a huge impact in my life. I have lived in the three most iconic fashion industry cities in the world and that is my influence on every piece that I bring into Gigi B’s. I grew up in New York until I was about 12 years old and then later moved to Miami, FL - so much to love and very little to hate - and by very little, I mean the only thing - traffic… If you know, you know. I spent about 7 years in Miami and then decided to to move to California, where I spent a lot of time in LA!

I am a very impulsive person, but I will say that impulsiveness has payed off more than it hasn’t. Spending time in all of these Iconic cities inspired me in a way that I never knew I could be. I asked myself, how could I create a boutique with a design aesthetic that represents all of my styles and everyone else's?

Well I dug a little bit deeper and then there it was… I took New York Chic, Miami Modern, and California boho (& of course my LOVE for European Fashion) and transformed it into one iconic Boutique that I will forever be so proud of! At Gigi B's Boutique, we thrive off of style for everyone, but not just anyone. We want you to collect your closet for fashion forward items with your beauty budget in mind, and we all know that is important! Our inclusive line projects your personality in every piece of clothing. So we want to know YOU. The good you, the bad you, and the (not so) ugly you. We love all of you so dearly and are so thankful for each and every one of you! Without you, there is no us!! Much Much LOVE!

Welcome to the Familia! Forever Thankful

Xoxo - Gigi.






Contact Number: (954) 707-7332
Email: info@gigibsboutique.com